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Puppy Paws LLC

Raising pet, hunting & show quality dogs from our family to yours

Health Guarantee Puppy Contract


This agreement, made ________________________, between the breeder/seller,


and the buyer(s), is a binding contract.

SOLD: Breed:___________________________________ (male) or (female)

puppy, born on __________________________

Color and markings: ____________________________________

Dam: ______________________________________________

Registration Number: ________________________________________

Breed: ________________________________________

Sire: ____________________________________________________

Registration Number: ________________________________________

Breed: ________________________________________

BREEDER: Puppy Paws

Address: 14268 Dahlstein Rd

City, State, Zip: Finlayson, MN, 55735

Phone: (763) 260-3883

Email: [email protected]


BUYER: Name(s): ______________________________________________


City, State, Zip: __________________________________________



PRICE: Full Sales Price: ____________________________

Shipping: __________________

Non-Refundable Deposit of: $________________ Paid on ___________________

$______________________Balance due before shipping of the dog.

Seller will accept US dollars or Credit/Debit through PayPal.

This puppy is being sold with FULL or LIMITED registration. Both types of registration will permit the dog to participate fully in approved competition; the “limited” registration denies registration privileges to any offspring of this dog, and is the seller’s confirmation that this dog is intended as a family pet, not for breeding.

HEALTH GUARANTEE: Seller certifies that this puppy is, to the best of his/her knowledge, healthy at the time of sale. Vaccination records and a health certificate will be provided by the Seller, which includes information on diet, shots, worming, bathing and any other treatments given this dog. The buyer must have this puppy examined by a state licensed veterinarian within 10 days of purchase at buyer’s expense. If this dog is determined to have a major health defect, he/she must be returned to the seller immediately (within 3 days after visiting the veterinarian) at buyer’s expense. Buyer must also provide test results and/or proof that the puppy does in fact have a genetic health defect. Once the puppy has been seen by the Seller’s vet and determined also that a genetic health defect has indeed been found, a puppy replacement is offered. Buyer can choose an available puppy from another litter. Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian bills whatsoever. If the dog is not seen by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days, this guarantee is then VOID. This refund policy does not cover death or health issues due to neglect, abuse, and breeding, or complications and consequences from worms, fleas, mosquitoes, ticks or any other type of improper care.

No refund or replacement will at any time be made on a deceased puppy until an autopsy is performed to determine cause of death. Such an autopsy must be performed by an accredited institution set up for such procedures such as Minnesota State University (UofM). Autopsies performed by a local veterinarian will not be accepted. All expenses will be paid by the Buyer. The results of the autopsy will accompany any request for replacement.

The seller does not guarantee size, temperament, bite, color, breeding ability.

Tiny toy breeds need special attention in feeding and activities. Try to leave dry puppy food out for them at all times. I recommend Diamond (not Grain Free as Grain Free foods have been linked to heart issues). If feeding canned food, keep excess refrigerated and discard 24 hrs. after opening. Monitor your puppies activity, and make sure it gets plenty of rest and try not to let everyone handle it too much until it gets used to it's new home. Excess stress can immuno-compromise your puppy and could lead to sickness and low blood sugar levels.

Seller is not responsible for health issues that could be acquired in the puppy’s new home or in the environment outside of the breeder’s property such as E-Coli, Giardia, Coccidia, etc. No refunds will be given, even if a genetic health defect is found, as this is a puppy replacement contract only. However, special circumstances may arise in which the seller decides it be more appropriate to refund moneys as an alternative to replacing a puppy; this shall be decided solely by the seller/breeder.

Here is a link to the MN Statutes that outlines the return policy and rights of Buyers:

If new puppy comes down ill with any symptoms within 5 days buyer is to return the puppy to seller for seller’s veterinarian to exam. If seller’s veterinarian determines the illness occurred while in buyer’s home the buyer is responsible for the vet bill. If seller’s veterinarian determines it is something that came from the seller’s home than seller will pay for the vet bill. Puppy will be returned to buyer when seller’s veterinarian feels appropriate. All exchanges of puppy occur at seller’s location. If buyer chooses to bring puppy to their own veterinarian then buyer is responsible for vet bill no matter what is determined.


1.) This dog is being sold as a family pet unless otherwise discussed, and may be shown in nationally recognized breed or performance competition. It is never to be used for any other purpose (i.e., guard dog, attack dog, etc.).

2.) Buyer agrees to provide for this dog’s emotional and physical care, including annual physical examinations and recommended vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian, nutritious food, positive-reward behavior training; and local dog licenses if required

3.) Seller recommends neutering (males) and spaying (females) at one year of age or older, unless dog is to be shown in competition, or health considerations require otherwise. Altered dogs live a healthier life and generally have fewer behavioral problems. Altering a dog to early has been linked to cancers and bone growth defects. Dogs sold with “limited registration” are not to be bred at all.

4.) At no time will a refund of monies be given to a returned puppy. A retuned puppy is only able to be replaced buy another puppy of equal or lesser value. If replacement puppy cost more than the original puppy buyer pays difference for the replacement puppy.


The undersigned buyer hereby acknowledges having read the terms of the contract and does hereby agree to abide by each of the provisions set forth above. By signing electronically, you are agreeing to the terms listed above just as if you’d signed in ink.

Signature of Buyer(s): ____________________________________________ Date_____________

____________________________________________ Date_____________

Signature of Seller(s):_________________________________ ___________ Date_____________

______________________________ _____________ Date_____________